Hey there!
My name is AlleC, creator of Little Luxuries Loft! I've made it my mission to create fun and whimsical DIY boxes and paper toys! I am a graphic designer and animator by trade, so I like to get away from my computer sometimes and get crafty. And by crafty I mean get my hands covered in glue and tape with possible paper cuts...Like most creative types, I love the challenge of coming up with an idea and then figuring out how to make it come to life in the 3D world! It's why I never get bored of designing! 

I first started Little Luxuries Loft in 2011 when I was in university. Little Luxuries Loft has gone through many shall we say "butterfly" transformations, just as I have myself. Flash forward many years later and my desk is now piled high with mini paper creations that have made a world of their own. I secretly suspect they mean to take over the entire house.....and then the world.

Thank you for sharing your time with me!