Father's Day Chocolate Mustache Tutorial, Plus FREE Printable Gift Tags!

     Chocolate mustaches are an easy and irresistibly fun DIY gift to make for Father's Day! Along with this simple tutorial I've included some cute tags so you can make a fantastic gift for that fan-stach-tic gentlemen in your life ;) Click here to Download your Father's Day Gift tags!  Instructions and supplies are listed below this tutorial.

      For this tutorial I used Wilton chocolate mustache molds which I got from from Micheals Arts and Crafts for under $4, you can also buy these molds on Amazon. Tip: If you're planning on making a lot of these I'd recommend getting more than one tray. I used a stove top method to make these, you can use a microwave...I'm just not a microwave kind of gal :)


  • A large 300g chocolate bar, chocolate chips or any type of chocolate you fancy ( 1 bar makes about 8-10 mustaches )
  • Chocolate mustache molds ( $4 from Micheals or Amazon )                         
  • Small heat safe glass bowl
  • Small to medium sized pot
  • Spatula
  • Knife and cute cat cutting board ( if using a chocolate bar )
  • Wax or parchment paper
  • Paper towel                                                                       



Chop up your chocolate bar! Put a little less than half in a glass bowl.

Fill a pot a little less than half full with water and set your element to medium low, I put mine at about 4, you want it warm rather than hot. Once the chocolate is partially melted take the bowl out of the pot, it should be warm but not hot. Stir with a spatula until the rest of it melts from the heat of the bowl. The chocolate should be a nice silky smooth consistency. If you're silly like me and leave your bowl in the pot too long your chocolate will burn! If you don't know what burnt chocolate looks like....well it gets kinda clumpy and looks like poop...not so appetizing...   

Pour the melted chocolate into your molds using your spatula  ( for the tray I used, I only poured chocolate into the comb mustache and the french curly mustache.....I figured the handle bar mustache might break on me. 

The molds I bought had a little indent in them for lollipop sticks. If you're using similar molds and you get chocolate in that part you can either use the paper towel to wipe it or break it off once it sets. Remember even if they don't look perfect they will still taste delicious! :)

Use the tip of your spatula to spread out the chocolate. If you notice air bubbles, gently tap the bottom of the tray to get rid of them. Once your molds are filled you can pop them in the fridge for about 15 minutes or if you're impatient like me put them in the freezer for about 5-8 minutes. Once they are set you can pop your mustaches out of the trays and onto some wax paper. They do tend to melt very quickly so I'd advise storing them in the fridge until you're ready to gift them, 

Time to make these manly mustaches extra handsome with some dashing gift wrap! In case you miss it you can download PDF file at the top of this post :) 

Supplies for Gift Wrapping!

  • Colour printer and ink
  • 8.5" by 11" white cardstock
  • Scissors 
  • String for tags
  • 3mm hole punch
  • Plastic goodie bags, the ones I used were 4" by 6 ", I put 2 mustaches in per package and folded the remainder over.
  • Adorable tiny clothes pegs ( got these from the dollar store but you can just use staples or clips too )


  • Once you've printed the design onto cardstock, cut out your gift tags and package toppers.
  • Punch holes in the gift tags and the corners of package toppers.
  • Attach gift tags with string
  • Insert 2 or more chocolate mustaches into your goodies bags, Fold the bag over at the top and place onto the white backing of the package toppers. 
  • Fold over the top edge of the package topper and secure it with tiny clothes pegs, clips or staples and it's ready to gift! 

Thanks so much for following along with me! If you're interested in the Printable Barbershop gift box, also shown in these photos feel free to check out my Etsy mini shop which lives on the top right sidebar of this blog >>>

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P.S.  I've made these designs just for you! So please enjoy them and remember they are for personal use only. If you know someone who might like this post please share it :)

Wishing you all a fan-stach-tic Father's Day!