Let's Get Fancy! Printable Flamingo and Palms Gift Wrap

Nothing says fancy like flamingos, palms and pom poms! Make the next gift you wrap extra special with this fun Flamingo DIY printable paper! All you need is a printer, white printer paper, ribbon, scissors, a toilet roll and some tulle or tissue. Read below for printing tips and a quick mini pom pom tutorial.  

Download Your Flamingo Gift Wrap Here!

I love using printable paper to wrap small items like journals, notebooks, candles, ornaments and more! Usually about two 8.5" by 11" sheets of paper is enough to cover a small 8" by 6" book.

Printing Tips:

- Print using a high quality print setting

- Set to full bleed, no boarders

-Use  white printer paper or coated paper ( I like to use 24lb - 28 lb weight paper it seems to absorb the ink nicely)

Time for Pom Poms!

Here's a quick lil tutorial for anyone who's never made pom poms. 

Supplies: Scissors, ribbon, toilet roll or small piece of cardboard, and your choice of tulle, tissue or yarn.

Steps 1 & 2:

Cut your toilet roll or card board so that it is about 2.25" wide. You can of course make this wider if you'd like to end up with a larger pom pom. Wrap the tulle around the cardboard about 10 times, Cut off the remainder. Carefully pull the tulle off the cardboard pitching in the middle.


Step 3 & 4:

Continue to hold the tulle in place by pitching it, next use ribbon to tie a tight knot in the center.

Step 5 &6:

Cut through the tulle layers on both sides. Pull apart all the layers to create a full pom pom. Cut off any stray pieces to round off the shape. Attach to your gift using the ribbon and Volia! It's ready to gift!

Thanks for following along with me this week, more fun little DIY's to come! Please feel free to share this post with someone you think might enjoy it :)




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