Latte Cup Box

Wow that someone special with this 'Print and Cut' I love you a Latte Cup! Perfect for Valentine's or anytime you want to show someone some love. Plus using your Silhouette Cameo they only take a few minutes to cut and put together! Fill with chocolate hearts or your favorite small candies. Please read below for the supplies, assembly instructions and dimensions. This 'Print and Cut' design files can be purchased separately from the Silhouette America Design Store. 

Each cup is about the size a medium to small coffee cup, approximately 4" tall, 2.5" across the lid and 1.75" across the bottom.

- Colour printer & ink
- Glue or tape
- White 8.5" by 11" Cardstock (65 lb)
- Silhouette Cameo & Mat

Step1: Align the design in your Silhouette Studio software so that it fits inside your registration guides. Next print the design with the registration marks onto white card stock. Select 'card-stock' as the material in your cut settings, then load your cutting mat with your design into your Silhouette Cameo. Once cut, apply glue to the strip labelled 'glue' and wrap the cup around until it meets the dotted line. Hold until dry.

Step2: Bend all the tabs on the bottom of the cup inwards and apply glue.

Step3: Carefully press the all the bottom tabs against inside the cup. It may help to stick your hand inside the top of the cup to make sure the tabs are sticking to the inside walls of the cup. Hold until dry. 

Step4: Next apply glue to the end tip of the cup rim strip where there is no tab. Wrap the strip around until it meets with the opposite end and covers the glued area. Hold until dry.

Step5: Bend all the rim tabs inwards and apply glue. Carefully position the cup lid in the center of the rim circle on top of all the tabs. Run you fingers along the rim to make sure evenly wraps around top of the cup lid.

Step6: Lastly apply glue to the remain white circle. Place the circle glue side down onto the under side of the cup lid. Fill with candies or small treats and your cup is ready to gift!

Thank-you for checking out this design and others! Please note that all printable designs sold through our Little Luxuries Loft Etsy Shop are in PDF format only, if you wish to purchase Silhouette Studio or SVG design cut files you can do so through the Silhouette America Design Store :)

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