Bunny Boxes

These sweet little 'Print and Cut' Easter bunny boxes are perfect favors for a children's Easter Egg Hunt party or any spring celebration! Plus using your Silhouette Cameo saves you time with cutting! These boxes are the ideal size to fill with jelly beans, mini eggs or your favorite small candy. Please read below for the assembly instructions. Each of these 'Print and Cut' design files can be purchased separately from the Silhouette America Design Store.  Adult assembly is recommend.

Each box is approximately 4" tall, 1.25" deep and 1.5" wide. 

- Colour printer & ink
- White 8.5" by 11" Cardstock (65 lb)
- Extra Strength Gluestick, glue pen or double-sided tape
- Candy!
- Silhouette Cameo & Mat

Step1: Align the design in your Silhouette Studio software so that it fits inside your registration guides. Next print the design with the registration marks onto white card stock. Select 'card-stock' as the material in your cut settings, then load your cutting mat with your design into your Silhouette Cameo. Once cut, crease all the perferated edges.

Step2: Apply strong glue or double sided tape to tabs 1 and 2.

Step3: Press tabs 1 and 2 behind the front of the bunny. Hold in place until dry.

Step4: Apply glue to tabs 3 and 4. Press the tabs to the base of the bunny. Hold until dry.  

Step5: Using your fingers, gently make 2 crease along the bridge of the bunny’s nose.

Step6: Apply glue to tabs 5 and 6.

Step7: Fold tabs 5 and 6 underneath the chin. Hold until fully dry. If you're having difficulty, try holding one tab at a time.

Step8: Apply glue to tabs 7 and 8.

Step9: Fold tabs 7 and 8 under. Press the tabs in place against the sides of the head. Hold until dry.

Step10: Apply glue to tab 9. Overlap the tab so the edge meets the dotted line. Hold until dry.

Step11: Apply glue to tab 10. Press tab 10 against the side panel. Hold until dry.

Step12: Apply glue to tab 11, as well as to the back of the bunny’s head. Slide tab 11 in the slot underneath the ears.

Step13: Gently press against the back of the head, The sides of the cheeks should fan out slightly.

Step14: Apply glue to the back of the bottom tab.

Step15: Fold the tab over and hold until dry. Fold the 2 white side tabs inwards.

Step 16: Apply glue to tab 12 on the tail piece. Attach the tail tab to the other tab 12 on the back of the bunny. 

Step17: Insert your goodies and close the back flap. Volia! Your bunny is ready to gift!

~Thank-you for checking out this design and others! Please note that all of printable designs sold through our Little Luxuries Loft Etsy Shop are in PDF format only, if you wish to purchase Silhouette Studio or SVG design cut files you can do so through the Silhouette America Design Store :)

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